Why is this an issue? Edit

Street racing is a major problem on our streets with drivers and innocent bystanders being killed at an alarming rate. Current measures are obviously not working so it necessary to focus on additional measures to curb the problem.

What is street racing?Edit

For the purposes of this document, street racing shall be defined as two or more persons operating any motor vehicle in excess of 50 kilometers per hour on the same public roadway.

Penalties Edit

If a person is caught street racing, their vehicle should be impounded and either destroyed or sold. In addition, a horsepower restriction on the license of the driver should be imposed resulting in the driver not being able to operate high performance cars.

Charges Edit

If a street racer injures or kills someone while street racing jail time penalties of no less than 3 years should be imposed. The offender should be prohibited from having a driver's license for the duration of his/her life and should be required to preform large amounts of community service in addition to the jail time. Conditional discharges and other "slap on the wrist" penalties are never unacceptable.

If a person who is not a citizen of Canada is convicted of street racing that person should be deported

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