Post Secondary Education Edit

This is a page to discuss your policy requests on post secondary education.

This is an overall view. If this page requires a partisan fork, it will be forked.

As Canadians we believe

  • Education of some sort plays a critical role in ensuring that Canada remains a world leader.
  • The trades are just as important as university/college education and should be treated as such with respect to compensation packages.
  • Every Canadian should be able to attend a post secondary program if they wish but there should be some incentive to ensure that the student is not taking courses that will never be used. The student should pay at least 25% of their tuition.
    • It should be noted that not every Canadian can afford 25% of the tuition.
    • It should also be noted that by comparison to US tuition rates, Canadians already pay well below 25% of the actual tuition costs. Boston U charges $31,530 (USD) (not inc. fees) per year, while Canadian tuition is far less even without the exchange rate. For example, undergrad tuition at Queens (arts) is $4193 (CDN) (not inc. fees), science is only $6760 (CDN) per year.
  • Small tuition increases are acceptable. Tuition freezes should not occur if they require the educational system to cut back and deliver a lower standard of education.
  • With respect to admissions policies, Canadian schools should be required to limit to 20% the quantity of their students who are non-Canadians. Exceptions would be made for cases with insuficient Canadian demand, though schools should be required to prove this lack of demand.
  • Bias should not be given to any province or school with respect to education.
  • Direct funding to schools is preferable to giving tax credits or money to students. Money for education needs to be spent improving our educational system, not improving students' balance books. Schools can offer scholarships and bursaries for those in need, while giving them the money directly ensures they can spend it where they consider most appropriate.

Questions Edit

  • Will the money given directly to schools be used to improve the system or will it be used to lower tuition and simply improve balance books?