Gun Control Edit

Gun control is a very hot issue right now, here's the "bullet form" to be edited and improved.

  • Mandatory sentences are silly and have cause injustice. Judges should judge individual circumstances.
  • Make a mandatory 6-month jail sentence for being in possession of an unregistered firearm
  • Mandatory minimum sentences for gun offences, such as 10 years for unauthorized discharge.
  • Simplify the gun registry and use the savings on additional border officers to keep guns from coming in from the US.
  • Get rid of the ability to hide behind the Youth Offenders Act so young people are accountable to the public for their actions, or treat all gun-related crimes as adult crimes because they involve adult responsibility
  • Fund programs to address issues related to the illegal use of guns (i.e. drug addiction treatment, fighting organized crime, fighting existence and growth of gangs, helping disenfranchised youth become involved their communities in positive ways)
  • Fund programs to support youth in high-risk urban areas
  • Spend money on an education campgain for youth related to the consequences of using firearms including both physical and psychological consequences to self, family, friends and both unintended and intended victims and their friends/families.
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